Are the drugs available a cure to AIDS?
No, the treatment can only slow the progressive of full blown AIDS when taken with adherence is no cure yet for HIV/AIDS
Can you be able to have a baby when you are infected by HIV?
Yes you can, as long as you stick to the advice and care from specialist consultancy
Is it possible to engage in sexual act without getting infected if your partner is HIV positive?
Safe sex is always encouraged as without proper precautions you can easily get infected

How do the drugs help not to develop full blown AIDS?
The current combination of therapies, it stops the virus from multiplying and decrease the risk of developing AIDS
How can I disclose to my family and partner?
You can only disclosure when you feel you are ready for that and to who ever you fell comfortable with

Can prayer cure AIDS without medication?
Believing your faith as well as following health medical advice is very important as nothing has been proved that cure HIV/AIDS



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